Maintenance of colonies
Cleaning of roads 24/7 services. Our skilled and trained employees are available on 24hours basis. We take the whole responsibility of your colonies and we assure minimizing the waste and maximizing the cleanliness.
             Wastage collection
We collect different and types of recyclable waste like Papers, Bottles, Wood, Debris, Plastics, E-waste, Cartons, Iron, Aluminium, etc.,

Commonly referred to as “dumpsters,” frontload containers are the most commonly used waste collection receptacle throughout the residential, non-residential, commercial waste collection.
With this service, one or more 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-cubic-yard containers are placed at your place of business in a location that is easily accessible and safe for your cleanup crews and waste-generation areas, as well as our trucks and drivers.

For construction sites and other businesses that generate larger waste loads, Advanced Disposal offers roll-off containers in all sizes. These containers range from 20 to 30 and 40 cubic yards and can be placed in almost any safe, sizable location for easy access to the waste. While they are often seen on construction and demolition sites, they can be used for all levels of non-hazardous waste and recycling collection and transportation.

We know you work hard to maintain your yard. GDS can help! Just leave your bagged grass clippings, tree trimmings and leaves at your curb in your proper container and we’ll pick them up. In many cases, your yard waste can be recycled or reused to create mulch or soil…so you may just see it again.
While GDS does not handle household hazardous waste, we want to be sure all waste is handled with care and attention to protecting you and the environment. The following household hazardous waste items should not be placed in your regular garbage like Paints, Motor oil,Paints, motor oil, fertilizers, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosol cans, batteries, cleansers, insecticides along with other household hazardous waste.

This includes Construction and demolision debri, Foundry sand, Contaminated soil, Ash, Asbestos
GDS understands the unique challenges a business faces when it comes to properly discarding specialized waste in a manner that’s both environmentally and economically responsible. For customers who generate specialized waste, requiring waste profiling, customized handling, heightened safety measures or unique disposal practices, GDS has the capability and experience to handle it – and then some.

GDS is deeply committed to ensuring a clean and safe environment for our team members, our customers and our communities. When it comes to your environmental responsibility, we can give you the peace of mind you need. We limit your liability by employing qualified professionals and complying with all local, state and federal regulations. So you can be sure that your waste will be cared for in a safe and compliant manner.
Plantation that gives you a feeling of cleaner breeze. Three trees strategically around a single family home can cut summer air conditioning needs by upto 50%. by reducing energy demand for cooling our houses. As a social entrepreneur we take that responsibility of your healthy life by planting more and more trees.
             Pest Control
Our exterminators can treat Rodent, Mosquitos, Bedbugs, Ants, Lizards, Termites, Flies.
We invite you to reap the essence and benefits of GDS.