The concept has been summarized on a small scale and the results, upon analysis, were found to be a high quality. Research will be an ongoing process for the mission and will double the gaining the confidence of customers.

  • Say and Do something positive that will help the Environment.
  • Collection of scrap.
  • Establish the waste management facility in each regional area


  • We systematically program the waste management to exhaust any possibilities to avoid and recycle the waste.
  • We treat disposal of the solid wastes. In the latest case, attempts are made to give the Solid Waste Disposal a reasonable n true value.
  • We do garbage recycling which is critical for protecting our environment and for reducing pollution from the ecosystem through recycling programs.
  • We collect the waste from the bins on your doorstep, in our container trolleys.
  • We collect solid waste and make it possible to identify appropriate methods of solid waste management systems. Most citizens throw their solid waste on the roads or dump in public places.They are very hazardous and highly polluted. We use our recycling system, since they are reusable.
  • We pay particular attention to the management of biohazard waste as explicitly packed and transported to the appropriate treatment facility. We render capping over infected material, and we cover it and keep it in place to prevent contamination spreading.
  • We use data-driven methods to separate residential customers on a large, medium and small scale. By measuring proportion of each load generated it is based on their behavior patterns.
  • Our administrators and management are constantly designing approaches efficiently, developing competitive waste management business models and managing cross-functional waste management system teams.

We invite you to reap the essence and benefits of GDS.